I made a promise to myself…

… and I nearly broke it on day 1!

I am about to share a very personal video which has been totally unedited. I made a promise to myself over the Summer (in my journal) that the ONLY thing I needed to do this term but share more from my heart. I carry around all these insights from all the books I consume, all the lessons I have learnt from being on the front line of running my business and all the love I have to give to the amazing ladies I work with.

Yet first day back (where did the summer go?!) I nearly backed out. I nearly caved….

But if you don’t respect yourself, and the promises you make yourself, how can you expect others to respect you? How can you expect your dreams to come true if you are not willing to commit 100% to them… this is what I asked myself at 4.30pm… 10 mins before I had to finish work….

So I shot this from the heart and without thinking too much.¬† You will also see I didn’t even have seconds to spare as my kids were dropped off just as I was rounding up… oh and in case your wondering I then had 2 hours of tantrums and tears ūüėČ

So my question to you is this

What are you promising yourself NOW that you are letting YOURSELF down on. We are good at keeping promises to other people… yet letting ourselves down seems easy and we do it without a care in the world. It really all does start with YOU and looking after YOU. The problem lies in that the more you break the promises you make to yourself the more you loose trust in you and your abilities and the further your dreams slip away.

It takes a brave woman to back herself… and I am here to tell you that you are a brave woman. And if you do ever feel scared (as ALL brave women will at times) then I am here to hold your hand. It is not about not feeling fear… it is about feeling it and doing it anyway.

With LOTS of love and admiration.

Victoria xx

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