Years ago, I was chatting to a mum who was running a franchise. She was close to tears as she explained to me that she wanted to get out of the business, so that she could be with her children, but that the franchisor had refused to let her out of her contract. She couldn’t just stop running the franchise, because she would have still had to find hundreds of pounds each month to pay the franchisor the agreed monthly fees. She tried to sell the franchise and amazingly found a couple of people to buy it from her, but the franchisor wouldn’t agree to this on the grounds that the potential buyers weren’t right for the company. So this lady was completely and utterly stuck. She was in a far worse position than if she had an ordinary job, because at least with a job, she could simply leave, but with a franchise you are tied into it until they let you go or your contract runs ou

After hearing her story, I knew I could never franchise my business in that way. I could never have on my conscience a mum who desperately needed to spend time with her children but couldn’t…because of me.

So I came up with a new model aimed particularly at mums. Our packages offer support and hand holding, advice and expertise, the brand and the logo…everything that you would get from a franchise, but in a way that you can grow your business on your own terms.

We can train you to produce a number of different beautiful tried and tested products that The Keepsake Company offers, and then help you to personalise and perfect your brand. Alternatively, if you are already a creative and have your own range of products that you want help marketing, or maybe you’re already marketing them but just not achieving the volume of sales you’d like, then we can help you with that too. 

We can offer training and advice on marketing, social media advertising, running your own website, accounting, product photography, PR, confidence coaching, and much, much more! We have nearly 20 years of experience and can help you avoid the pitfalls that cause many new businesses to fail, but also can offer many useful resources that would otherwise be expensive to invest in. We will use our expertise to enable you to get a true understanding of what you want to achieve in your business, and can advise you on every aspect of your business from pricing your products to ensure a healthy profit margin across your range, to having a clear product path so that you know what you will be launching and when.

We are NOT a franchise. You won’t have any royalties to pay us, so the profit you make is yours alone. Our packages are very affordable, and we now offer monthly payment plans on some of them. Starting your own creative business with our help means you have complete flexibility with that business and how it impacts upon your life. You make your own rules, so that your business works for you.

The Keepsake Company is an established brand, and that gives you a lot of advantages for your new business.  And if you do decide to join us, and you use and implement the guidance that we give you, your business will grow so much faster than if you were doing it on your own.

We want to get strong foundations in place to enable you to build the business of your dreams from, and to help you to create a successful, sustainable business.

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