Create your own freedom by starting a creative business

If you picture how you really want your life to be, chances are it will involve you having freedom. The freedom to be able to work the hours you choose, to be able to take time off when you need to for your family and yourself without having to ask permission, or feel guilty, or be penalised in some way. The freedom to do something you enjoy whilst earning a living. The freedom to make your own rules, and have the lifestyle you dream of.

Working for someone else means having 4-6 weeks holiday per year. It means childcare during the holidays, having to miss out on assemblies and plays, having to take unpaid leave for illnesses and emergencies. Running your own creative business means you never have to miss out on any of the special moments your children have at school, that you can be with your children during every holiday they have if you choose, and that if an emergency crops up and you need to take a day or a week or a month…you can.

You make the rules. So you can decide to earn money by doing something you enjoy, by utilising your creativity. No more being confined in a box, being told what to do, and how to do it, and when to do it. You can have the space and freedom to let your creativity work for you and to grow your dream business. You set your own limits, your own pace and you make it work for yourself.

By running your own business, you gain control over your life, and you can then allow yourself the freedom you need to get the balance right for you between family, work and you. 

It will be scary, and it will be hard sometimes, especially to begin with. However, some of that fear and stress can be alleviated by becoming part of The Keepsake Company. We can guide you and your creativity, helping you to avoid many of the stumbling blocks that new businesses encounter, and be there to advise you on every aspect of running your very own new business. Your chances of your creative business succeeding will be higher with us behind you, and therefore there’s a better chance of you being able to make your dreams a reality.

One really important aspect of running a business that we can help you with is time management. To gain flexibility and control over your time, in other words freedom, you need to ensure your work time is used as productively as possible, enabling you to work the hours that you choose to whilst earning the money that you need to.

Waking up in the mornings with a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work is a freeing experience, and by choosing to run your own creative business, you are giving yourself the ability to taste this.

Having freedom in your work, and therefore in your life IS possible. Have faith, chase your dreams and create your freedom.

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