Your creative business – Fall or fly?

Consider your lifestyle for a moment, and ask yourself exactly how your life makes you feel? If the answer is that you feel stressed, under challenged, taken for granted, underpaid, or frustrated, then maybe you are ready to make a change and considering running your own creative business.

It’s a scary, tough decision to make, but how will you know if it’s the right decision if you never make it? You’ll probably feel a real mixture of emotions during the decision making process – excited, scared, worried, joyful…but that’s how everyone feels. 

What you have to consider carefully is that your decision to have a go at this could shape your life in the most positive way you can imagine. So imagine that feeling, imagine what life could be like and how things might be different for you and your family. That feeling can be yours. There’s no predetermined marker that says you’re not allowed to succeed, or not allowed to have things how you want them.

If you want things to change in your life, if you want the freedom and control that running your own business can give you, you have to take the leap, take some risks and jump. If you don’t, nothing will change and you’ll still be in that stultifying job, still having to ask permission for a day off every time your child is ill, or there’s an inset day or sports day coming up at school, still be feeling creatively restricted, bored, undervalued. 

If you take the leap, and you know you’re prepared to work hard, there’s a very good chance that you will succeed, especially with us at The Keepsake Company behind you. And if you do succeed, it means that you get to spend your precious time building your own business and making money for yourself, not someone else. It means that you can wake up every morning feeling enthusiastic and excited about work. It means you can stop worrying about what happens when you need time off.

There are no guarantees that this is going to work out. But what if it does? What would it mean to you? Picture yourself with a successful business, and imagine what it feels like to be in total control, and to have the freedom and the lifestyle you dream of.

Let us help you work out your magic number, and then you just have to trust your instinct…if it feels like it’s the right thing to do, then it probably is. 

If you’re willing to take that first step, and to give your creative business 100% commitment, then it is absolutely possible for you to fly.

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