Have you been thinking of starting a creative home based business? Are you frustrated with the inflexible nature of the 9-5? Or perhaps, like us, you HATE your job and need to get out for your own sanity. Are you on maternity leave and dreading leaving your little one when you return to work? Have you been made redundant? Or perhaps you are simply looking for more out of life? If so you are in the right place as these are just a few of the reasons some of our members, from around the globe, have joined The Keepsake Co. as professional keepsake artists. Running a Keepsake business has to be one of the most rewarding creative home based business opportunities out there – here are 10 reasons why starting a keepsake business is one of the best ways of building your own local keepsake business:

  1. In Demand: You are offering a service which is in demand in your area. People WANT what you are selling and you are offering a really valuable service to local parents. Without you they may forget or struggle to create their keepsake which will be a part of their families history.
  2. It is recession proof: People are having babies no matter what the economy is doing and when you have a baby you will always want to find a way to capture those precious first memories from their tiny toes to their wonderful first drawing. And as any parent will know this is not a purchase which can be delayed as little ones do not stay little for long ūüôĀ
  3. It is ever expandable: There is so much you can do to expand this business as you can add complimentary product lines, partner with local businesses. The Keepsake Co has been going for over 16 years and has never run out of ideas to grow.
  4. It is over many markets: The baby market is considered the largest market but pets is a close second. There is also the wedding market, birthdays, anniversaries and memorial jewellery.
  5. It is fun and creative: This is not an office job. This is a wonderful and creative way to earn an income which never really feels like work.
  6. It is sociable: Running a creative home based business can be lonely. You sit at home making your lovely gifts and then often post them off to a another part of the country without ever meeting the customer. With a local keepsake business you will be meeting parents in your local area which is a wonderful way to meet new people.
  7. Fingerprint Jewellery ExamplesIt is flexible: There are no set hours with this creative home based business – you can book appointments into your diary to suit YOU and you can even do a lot of the work in the evenings when the little darlings are tucked up in bed for the night.. saving on childcare costs. Many of our ladies even take their little ones to appointments with them.¬† As your target market is mostly made up of Mum’s, they are often more than happy to have an extra little one tag along.
  8. It is profitable: Working on about a £25-50 an hour (in some cases higher) this can be an incredibly lucrative way to earn a great income.
  9. Low start up costs: With many businesses costing between £20,000-£150,000 to start you can get going with a keepsake business for so much less.
  10. Scale: Whether you are investing in your business from the start or you decide to start on a very low budget and work your way up.. anything is possible with keepsakes. You could start with one product or them all. You can do free marketing or pay for adverts. It really is about you, your dreams and your current situation.

As a creative home based business ourselves we know how amazing it is to hand in your notice to that controlling boss and commit to living life on your terms. The beauty is that you can start TODAY, whatever your situation. So whether you are ready to start in a small way or jump all in don’t sit thinking about it for a minute later.. enter our free training portal around starting a keepsake business HERE¬† along with how we can use our 16 years of creative keepsake business experience to help make your dreams a reality Here are some of the products you could learn to create to a professional standard and start your own creative keepsake business:

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