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Welcome to The Keepsake Co. the ultimate personalized baby gifts & keepsake portal for creating and capturing a families most precious memories. As you browse our site you will find an array of ideas to help you create lasting mementos which will be treasured in your family for many years to come. You can use these ideas to learn to create your own keepsakes for fun, turn keepsakes into a profitable business or use them as inspiration to commission one of our talented keepsake artists to create something truly stunning for you.


We can either put you in touch with a trained and skilled local artist to create the keepsakes for you or we can train you to a professional level so you can offer these services in your local area and become a registered maker for our customer to buy from. Either way you can rest assured you have come to the right place as what we don’t know about making keepsakes can fit on the back of a postage stamp 😉 If you are looking for something bespoke then please do reach out to us and we can ask in our group of keepsake experts and ask them to come up with some ideas for you with no obligation.


Business or Hobby

So, you’re raring to go with your creative business. You know what you are going to make and sell. You have a name and a

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