Crafting a brand for your creative business

Once you’ve decided on your chosen product or products, the important thing is that you understand how to take those products and start to get sales. 

The Keepsake Company is an established brand, and although you will be linked to us, you will still need to have your own personal brand for your creative business. Small businesses often ignore the importance of a good brand and the impact it will have on your success.

Your brand needs to reflect you, what your business offers and how it’s unique. It needs to grab your customers’ attention and tell them what they can expect from you. But it doesn’t just happen – your brand needs lots of thought and consideration. 

You’ll need to choose a name, and we can help you with this if required. We’ll help you think about your ideal customer and what you want your branding to look like. A logo needs to make a good first impression on your potential customers, and our designer will create one for you, based on the in depth information he’s been given. He has years of experience in the keepsake market and has created many brands, each one unique. 

You’ll need a website, but before we can begin building your website, we need to map out your business structure. We’ll dig deep at this first stage, because getting your branding right is super important, because you cannot build a sustainable, successful business that is going to pay you the money that you want to earn, out of a business that looks ‘home made’. A strong brand will give you the foundation upon which to build the business of your dreams.

Once your website is ready, we will give you ‘live’ training so that you can get started with it immediately. We also supply training videos on how to maintain and edit your website on an ongoing basis, saving you a lot of stress and thousands of pounds on developer fees.

Being properly branded invokes trust in potential customers; they need to feel reassured that you are a professional. Once your brand has been created, and your business is up and running, and your sales are starting to come in, then your brand will be build over time. Your satisfied customers will be your ambassadors, and your brand will be strengthened by positive reviews and word of mouth.

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