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So, you’re raring to go with your creative business. You know what you are going to make and sell. You have a name and a suitable place to do your creating, and you even have a proper bank account set up.

Despite that, you may very easily find that you’re working what feels like twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and actually your bank balance isn’t increasing anywhere near as much as you’d hoped.

And then you realise that your creative business isn’t really a business at all, just an expensive hobby. 

But there are things you can do in order to ensure this doesn’t happen, and at The Keepsake Company, we can guide you in the right direction so that your business is a real, growing, sustainable venture. 

We will help you work out your magic number, and your overheads, so that you know how much you need to earn from your business, and how to price your products in order to achieve that magic number. We will also develop a concise business plan with you, to define your objectives and goals that you have for your business. You need to be clear on how much money you need to earn from your business, and how much money you are earning as you start to make sales, and we have accounting tutorials which will ensure you know how to do this.

We will teach you how to produce your chosen Keepsake items professionally. It is SO important to learn how to create the products properly, and whilst it is completely possible to learn via videos on the internet, the quality will not be the same and will give your brand a ‘home made’ look. This, in turn, will mean you cannot charge what you should be charging for your items, in order to ensure you are making enough profit to sustain your business.

We will help you pinpoint who your ideal clients are, and to create a brand that is unique to you. 

We can advise you on a proper pricing strategy, which takes all of your overheads into account, and means that your magic number becomes achievable.  We can also offer you confidence coaching, to ensure that you have the confidence to get your products out there in the marketplace at a price which will mean your business is viable and not just something you love doing but don’t make any money at.

You can take advantage of our expertise in marketing, because the growth of your creative business is a serious matter and without growth, it will only ever be an expensive hobby.

If you are willing to do the necessary work to maintain your business, then with our help, you’ll be able to envisage what success looks like for your business, and then make that vision a reality.

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