Baby Foot Casting: Tiger Feet Keepsakes

Baby Foot Casting: Tiger Feet Keepsakes

Treasure those tiny toes with a baby foot casting


Baby foot castings are actually what led me to start my own keepsakes business.  10 years ago when my sister gave birth to their first son, Ben, I bought a DIY casting kit as a present from The Keepsake Co.  The baby foot casting actually came out really well, complete with five tiny toes!  Once painted and framed it looked gorgeous and as my nephew grew, it was always there as a beautiful keepsake to remember how tiny he once was.


Step forward a couple of years and I bought the same kit when Ben’s baby brother Josh was born.  Unfortunately we weren’t as lucky this time and the DIY baby foot casting didn’t come out quite as good and therefore never got painted and framed.  We always meant to buy another kit and try again but you know what it’s like – time flies and they grow so quickly!


Starting Tiger Feet Keepsakes


Later on, I learned that The Keepsake Co were now helping people set up their own amazing keepsakes businesses and offering complete training courses to make a variety of gorgeous keepsakes gifts.  To be honest, I hadn’t been thinking of setting up my own business before but I always had an artistic side and couldn’t resist the opportunity to learn the amazing creative skills behind making fine silver handprint, footprint and fingerprint jewellery and 3d life castings.


Memories to treasure


Being able to transfer actual handprints, footprints and fingerprints into fine silver charms and working with Art Clay Silver still amazes me.  However, the 3d life castings quickly became my favourite keepsake product.  I absolutely love the detail captured within the moulding material and the fact that you never know the exact position of your loved ones little fingers or tiny toes until the casting has set and been revealed.  You can read more about how the detail is captured forever in these keepsake products here.

With a professional life casting you’re guaranteed a perfect result without the mess and uncertainty of a DIY casting kit.  I always take two of each cast and use the best one but in the unlikely situation of neither of them being perfect, then I’ll return for a second home visit to re-do the cast.


Baby Foot Castings


You can choose individual hand casts or even family hand-holding castings, but sometimes there is nothing as sweet as cute baby feet!  Baby foot castings can either be free standing, on display plinths or framed alongside your favourite photo.  A gorgeous way to display sibling foot casts is framed within the word LOVE – using the baby foot castings as the V.  They can be finished in your choice of colours and frames and I have several samples to present at the home visits so customers can take a good look at all the options and choose their favourite.  I have recently been experimenting with a wider range of beautiful pearlescent colours so am always keen to try new ideas and help make your perfect keepsake to be treasured forever.


You can find more information on Tiger Feet Keepsakes and baby casting in Dover and the surrounding areas by visiting Kirsty’s website at www.tigerfeetkeepsakes.co.uk on our Keepsake Artist Directory.

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