Baby Castings Near Me: Four Shining Stars

Baby Castings Near Me: Four Shining Stars

Baby Castings Near Me

Have you asked yourself the question, “Does anyone do Baby Castings near me?” It’s really important when having a baby casting dBaby Castings Near Me: 3D Castingone that you feel comfortable with who is doing it, more so than the locality. Baby Castings are special and it’s so important that we capture those precious moments that will last a lifetime. When considering a “baby casting near me” take into consideration where the artist is that can do the casting and whether you have to travel to them or what radius they are willing to travel to you. We have made ourselves available for appointments in a few locations, our home, our pop up shop and most importantly for lots of families we do home visits. We all want to capture our baby at the earliest opportunity as this is a precious moment to treasure forever and being a Mum of four, I know the anxieties that come with being a parent.  I also completely understand that some people prefer to stay home for so many weeks to enjoy their bundle of joy and don’t want the added pressure of making an appointment to then not manage to get ready and out in time. When we book an appointment we will work around you and the baby as you are our priority.  Some people like to time it so that we do the baby casting whilst the baby is feeding or around other routines that’s where flexibility is required.  


A typical baby Castings near me appointment

Before we come for the appointment we discuss what you want from the casting. Things to consider include do you want a 3D Castings or a Raised Impression?  Baby Castings Near Me: Raised Impressions            

Have you considered having hands/feet or both and if both do you just want for example the right hand and right foot or the left ones? Or do you require your cast doing of both your baby’s hands and feet? Once we know these details we can be prepared for when we arrive at your home or chosen appointment venue. We will take the Castings and at this point we would discuss the finishes available and if you have requested a frame we would show you the available frames. Also this is the stage that payment would be taken. The Castings then take 4-5 weeks to complete as we have to allow for the drying process and then finishing to be applied. During the process we will keep in touch to let you know the progress of your baby casting.  Once complete we can then arrange for delivery of the item, our preferred method is to hand deliver or you can pick up if that suits you better. Having a casting is such a fabulous experience and the professionalism of the casting makes it a precious memory to treasure for years to come. This blog was written by our lovely Natalie at Four Shining Stars

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  1. I don’t think I have seen an all gold finish before, what a great idea! It’s fab that you get to be so creative in your own business rather than constrained within a franchise!

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