Making Memories In The Snow

Making Memories In The Snow

Last week the country was forced to down tools and take the day off. This made me very happy as it was the perfect excuse to cosy up with loved ones and play in the bright white outdoors which is a rare treat. By oh my wasn’t it cold!!  It was so cold that my boiler decided to take a break for the first night which was fun…

Life is so crazy and busy that so many days pass by without time for any memory making and so these rare treats, while inconvenient, force us to take the day off as a country and slow down as we have no other choice. It also makes us feel grateful for everything we take for granted such as milk and break on shelves, being warm, being free to go where we want and our family… although a three year old can get quite restless being at home for days on end and am glad it came to and end when it did 😉

This was May’s first snow experience and she laughed out loud during the while time and Oliver saw it last when he was 18 months old so he was pretty excited too! I don’t think they knew what to expect and wish it had been snowman snow but all we managed was a pile of snow in a cone sort of shape. I have to say that they still were upset that their ‘snowman’ had gone the next morning so guess they were happy with our effort.. goes to show that as parent we are expecting so much more than them and they really are content with the very basics. 

I was feeling a bit grumpy on Saturday as it was my birthday and thought I was going to have to stay in again BUT it had cleared enough to go out for a really lovey family mean with my Sister and Parents.  I took this photo of the 5 cousins together while I sipped Prosecco with my Mum and Sis… thanks Dad 😉 

I asked my other family of keepsake artists for their shares about their snow day and loved reading Lois’s and Ruth’s take which I have shared with you below along with a little snap shot. Do go and check them out when you get a chance…


Oooh I love a snow day! I know the weather has caused chaos for many people, but I have enjoyed taking the dog out for a walk and being the only person on the moor, and making memories with my Daughter. I have great childhood memories of sledging with my brother and friends – it seemed like every winter and the snow was always so deep, although I know this can’t be so. I wanted to make the same kind of memories for Robyn and the snow is a rarity, so we have definitely made the most of it! We have been building an igloo in the garden and playing in the snow with the dog, and of course sledging. Coming back inside with cold hands and feet and warming up with a hot chocolate! What are your best snow memories as a child? Let me know in the comments!” Contributed by Lois from The Wishing Jar. Find Lois at: www.thewishingjar.co.uk

Ruth from Bambini Treasures said “Absolutely loved the snow days with my children. Seeing their little faces and the excitement that the snow brought was precious. We certainly had fun – sledging, snow angels, building a snowman and of course an obligatory snowball fight! I felt very grateful to be able to take some time off from creating keepsake memories for my lovely customers to creating my own memories with my little family. ” Find Ruth at: www.facebook.com/bambinitreasures 





I would love to hear what you felt about the snow day in the comments below and even share a photo if you can over on facebook.com/thekeepsakecompany.

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  1. My fondest memories of childhood are playing in the snow. It’s very rare we get so much, so when we do it is extra special. It was lovely while it lasted, but glad to get back to some routine and get some food back in the house!! Leah x

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