Fingerprint Jewellery Training

Fingerprint Jewellery Training

I am so excited to announce our new keepsake training academy. We have offered online keepsake training for some time now and have trained people all over the world.  However we felt we could improve on what we had to make the learning experience as flexible and enjoyable as possible for our delegates. I am sure you will agree if you go over to  The Keepsake Academy  we have delivered a first class learning platform which takes people through each of our Keepsake ranges step by step.

Flexible Fingerprint Jewellery Training

From Fingerprint Jewellery Training through to full licensed Fingerprint Jewellery Business Opportunities it all starts at our Academy. WE also can back our online fingerprint jewellery courses up by offering studio based training throughout the UK with locations being added every month. At the Keepsake Academy we understand that everyone has different learning styles and we want to help you learn in a way that suits your style to ensure maximum results.

Our Fingerprint Jewellery Course takes you through capturing the fingerprint in the silver clay right through to how to present the finished jewellery to your customer. WE leave no stone un-turned BUT if you feel we have left anything out you only have to ask us and we will film a video just for you or offer you some 1-2-1- training time to get you to where you want to be.

By training in our Fingerprint Jewellery Academy you will have the complete flexibility of training online, in your own home, in your own time WHILE having access to established Keepsake businesses to ask questions to and a team of keepsake trainers to call on if you felt you wanted to book some studio time.

Fingerprint Jewellery Business Training

But we do not just stop at training you how to make Fingerprint Jewellery. We can also train you how to create your own website, how to manage your finances and how to market your business. We believe that while getting amazing finished results in your jewellery, this is not enough to create an amazing business. If you do not know how to run your business or market your business then how will you ever make money from your new skill? WE do not just train you and turn our back but we are here to hold your hand for as long as you want us to.

So if you are thinking of learning to make Fingerprint Jewellery and set up a Personalized Jewellery business then please do check out   The Keepsake Academy  first. You can also request a sneaky peak of the course before you commit to ensure you like what you see.

Which ever path you choose, and how ever you decide to learn we wish you every success when starting this exciting new keepsake business.


Lover of Fingerprint Jewellery, Founder of The Keepsake Co and mum to 1





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