Wishes Can Come True – Introducing The Wishing Jar

Wishes Can Come True – Introducing The Wishing Jar

Lois Hedley joined the Keepsake Association a few months ago. Like all of our keepsake artists, she has her own company name and beautiful branding – The Wishing Jar

She’s worked really hard to get her business up and running, despite a set back when a local play barn went into liquidation and she lost her display materials that were in the building.  It was lovely to see how much the other members of the keepsake association supported her through that time, offering lots of advice, ideas, and moral support.

Lois explains how she came to start her business: “Before my daughter Robyn was born I’d attended a silversmithing course, with the vision I’d cut down hours at work and start my own business making bespoke jewellery.  I absolutely loved it but didn’t have the opportunity to do anything with my newly acquired skills as I fell pregnant towards the end of the course, and who has time for hobbies with a new-born!?!

Fast-forward 4 years to now, and Robyn has started school and I have found I have managed to get some time back to continue with my dream of starting my own company (in between all of Robyn’s clubs and social engagements – she has a better social life than me!).  That’s when The Wishing Jar was born!”

lois and robyn

This is how Lois has found setting up her own business with the Keepsake Company:

“I have found The Keepsake Association fundamental in setting up my own business. The structure is invaluable, guiding you through the process and making sure you don’t overlook any important aspects, but giving you the freedom to manage things in your own way, at your own pace and with your own creativity and ideas!  Victoria and the team are extremely passionate and dedicated and you really feel welcome and included from day one.  It’s evident that they really want to you succeed and are invested in your business.  They are always working on ways to help you flourish and are constantly improving on the service they offer with ingenious products and packages.  Always approachable and genuinely lovely people to deal with.  The Facebook support group is a credit to the the Keepsake Association.  It’s a great place to get help and ask questions, and all the members are so helpful and friendly and there to spur you on.  It’s an amazing group of selfless people who share their skills and experience gladly and I don’t think I would have come half as far with my business without all this advice and guidance.  You really feel part of a team and not isolated working on your own.  I am striving towards flexible working and putting my family first and feel that it’s all within my reach!”

We love working with Lois and seeing her and her business grow, and if you’d like to join us too, please get in touch.

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