What’s your traditional Christmas look like?

We were just chatting in the office about our family Christmas traditions (I am a tad excited as it is our baby’s first Christmas this year) and I wondered what you do as everyone seems to have such different plans.

My family traditions came down my Mum’s side. While growing up, my parents never ever put the tree up as it was Santas job on Christmas Eve – like he was not busy enough! When delivering our gifts he used to dec out the lounge and turn it into a glittery grotto worthy of a place in Lapland. So when me and my sister used to wake we were under strict instructions not to go downstairs until our Dad had been down to make sure Santa had been. We would wait nervously outside while dad went into the lounge for what seemed like hours (perhaps he was snoozing as he had been up half the night decorating!) but eventually he came out and announced that Santa had indeed popped by and let us go in. As we walked in we were blown away by the magical sight as there were not only piles of gifts but there was a large tree with all the lights sparkling and twinkling back at us and every inch of wall and ceiling had something sparkly hanging from it. And of course Santa had eaten his mince pie and glass of sherry (or was it Baileys?). The feeling that Santa has been in our room only hours before and had done all this for us was just priceless! Infact I think one morning when we were up really early Dad said we had only just missed him!

While we missed out on having the tree up before the big day and never had a chance to decorate the tree ourselves,  I guess looking back on it that it really added to the magic of Christmas. My grandparents used to take this one step further and Santa used to actually wall paper the lounge and redecorate completely EVERY YEAR!! No wonder my parents toned it down a bit! Because of all this magic which was injected into Christmas Day by my fantastic parents I believed in Santa for quite an age (well perhaps I still do now a little) and would love for Oliver to believe for as long as possible. I love all the little Santa stories, and the magical wonderment which the little ones enjoy. I just can not wait till Oliver looks at Santa with joy and hope rather than a little bit of fear and complete puzzlement! I have attached a photo of his first encounter!

My mum visited me the other day and asked why neither me or my sister had carried on this tradition and I am not sure why as we both LOVED it. My hubby says that he loved waking up and finding a stocking on the end of the bed. Hopefully we can find a way to combine them both as would hate for a family tradition to stop at us. Perhaps the idea of being up till 2 in the morning decorating when I could be sat sipping my baileys and munching my mince pie is putting me off! Oh what a meany mummy Oliver has!

Luckily it’s Oliver’s first Christmas this year so he will not remember what we do this year , but I am going to start thinking of what magic I can inject into Chrsitmas next year by pulling on lots of different ideas to create something fabulous for him.

We had a decorator in and he was telling me how he has this special dust which he uses to create footprints around the house and they burn their letters in the fireplace which goes straight up to Santa. They wait for a signal and know the letter has been received on Christmas eve. That must be a lovely evening in their household too!

I would LOVE to hear your family traditions over Christmas so please please share them with me below 🙂

Wishing you all a fantastic and magic Christmas whatever you have planned,


Written by Victoria Casebourne, MD of The Keepsake Co and very excited mother to little Oliver who is about to celebrate his very first Christmas this year.


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