Top Tips on Children’s Birthday Parties

Children’s Birthday parties – A quick guide

Children’s birthday parties are challenging but extremely good fun at the same time. Make the most of the years when you can still throw them party. With this short guide it won’t see so hard and the experience will be a breeze.

Get help

Don’t try to do it all yourself- delegate tasks in the run up to the party and get some help for the day itself. Your regular babysitter is a good resource to call upon for a party but will cost you. Instead why not ask another mum or dad to share responsibility with you. The authority of another parent is also really useful when caring for and catering to any group of children.


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Decorating for a party will add to the atmosphere. Enlist your child or children to make paper chains and streamers a week or so beforehand. These will be cheap and cheerful, really livening up your house or garden. Balloons and table confetti will finish off the party vibes.


Arranging entertainment will give your party structure and should result in all the kids getting involved in something. Organise lots of fun activities in case the kids dislike some, finish others quickly or simply want to switch their attention to something else.

Invest in a few common games for kids including active ones such as Twister. You should also plan to be on hand to teach kids large scale ‘playground’ type games like Duck Duck Goose or Ship Captain depending on their age. Teach them games they haven’t played before so they won’t get bored.

Hiring a mobile disco in Essex isn’t as expensive as you might expect. It is the assumed cost that means not many other parents will have booked a cool disco for the kids, making this an exciting edition to your party. Ask for quote for the length of the disco and for any extras that might be available. Children’s discos often have games as part and parcel of the package. As with any service you should ensure that all staff are CRB checked but this is especially important for kids parties.


Sit the kids down to eat, even if you have to put them on the floor, if you don’t the children will continue to play instead of relaxing and refuelling.

Making food for 20+ children can be daunting but it is possible. Kids in general prefer simple favours and simple food, taking a lot of the effort out of catering for them. Make a pasta bake or healthy pizzas that can be prepared in advance and heated up. Don’t spend time on a trip to the supermarket; instead order all the necessities online to be delivered straight to your door.

If you’re really strapped for time then a visit to your nearest Costco could solve the catering issue instantly. It’s likely that someone in your social circle has access to a Costco card. Call in a favour and pick up large trays of healthy sandwiches, pizza, lasagne and salad. Because Costco predominantly serves the retail and hospitality industry they also have some pretty impressive celebration cakes.

Place all the food and drink (except the birthday cake) in the centre of the table of eating area and encourage the kids to dig in. Blowing out the candles on the cake can happen quickly after the meal.

Take pictures

You should always take pictures at kids’ parties; they’ll provide great memories for you, your children and their friends years from now. Don’t let the chaos of the day stop you from pulling out the camera to take a few quick snaps. You could even turn it into an activity for the kids by setting up a dressing up box and gathering the kids around for silly pictures. You don’t need to go out and buy costumes; just throw in some hats, scarves and other items from your own wardrobe. Supply a box of face paints and see what the kids come up with.

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Party bags

Party bags are a classic parting gift at a kid’s birthday but the contents doesn’t have to be classic. Usually the bags are full of sweets which a lot of parents then have to ration, much to their annoyance and the kids’. Give them something healthier, more long lasting or interactive than just sweets.

Pick up some cheap flower pots and packs of seeds then use the flower pot as a party bag. Pop the packet of seeds in along with the other treats. The Book People offer packages of books for less than £1 per book. Sharing great stories is a lovely gesture which will be appreciated by both the kids and their parents. Stationary such as cool pencils, pens and rubbers are great for kids to take to school with them. A few sweets will keep everyone smiling (with a full set of teeth).

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