The quick guide to using Facebook

When it comes to running a business alongside the kids, you want your marketing and client interaction to be easy, fast and something you’re able to do in 10-15 minute stints or less! (Which is where our guide to using Facebook will come in handy!)

FacebookLike it or loathe it, Facebook is great for being sociable with your friends, relatives and your potential customers… but are you making it easy and fast for yourself?

Here are 5 top tips for getting started quickly and easily on Facebook.

Use a page, not a profile

The biggest mistake small businesses make is opening up a profile for their business OR running a business through their personal profile. The problem with this is it is actually against Facebook’s terms and conditions! If you’re running a business, it NEEDS to have a business page – however, you DO need a personal profile to set up that business page.

How to set up a Facebook business page really quickly:

  1. Log in and go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  2. Select the category that best suits your business type
  3. Select your sub-category and name your page URL (use your business name if it’s available)
  4. Fill out the ‘About’ section and make sure your contacts are on there!
  5. Upload your profile and cover images

Make the most out of your page

You can’t add people to your page. You can however, invite them to ‘like your page’. The secret to successful business pages is making the most out of the tools they have available. This includes:

  • Filling in the ‘description’ for your page
  • Updating your timeline. You can add in past events to your timeline – so add in your launch dates, special anniversaries etc., by selecting ‘offer/events’ and choosing ‘milestone’
  • Pinning posts of importance – if you have important posts, you can ‘pin’ them to the top of your timeline
  • Creating offers – this enables you to create offers (such as discounts) for your page fans
  • Running events – again, this is under the ‘offer/events’ button and allows you to set up a Facebook event


This is a great feature of pages, as it allows you to forward schedule your posts – perfect if you’re juggling kids and work – just hit the arrow next to the ‘post’ button and select ‘schedule’.

Images are better than text alone

When you’re posting status updates, just remember that your fans like variety. There’s also a hierarchy to what type of posts get seen (and are preferred) by your fans.

In a nutshell – if you’re posting images or website links, add text in the ‘status’ box. Status updates with videos and/or images will always get more likes than just plain text statuses.


Finally, Facebook is a SOCIAL network, so interact! If someone posts a comment, you should reply. Even if you’re not getting lots of views and interaction, keep posting – as your page will gain traction the more regular you post.

Juggling Facebook, your business and kids doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Giving yourself just 5 minutes each visit to Facebook is more than enough to cover the basics.

How do you find Facebook? Do you use it regularly for your business? What one action step can you take from today’s blog post to help move your interaction and business forward?

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