The Perfect Gift – Mini Masterpiece Cufflinks

So, what do you get the Dad who has everything…? This is the very question I asked myself over & over again in the weeks leading up to Christmas. What was I going to get Mr S for Christmas from his little Doodle?

He is a modern (or should that be impatient?!) man, who doesn’t believe in waiting for anything. If he needs something, he flips open the ipad & a few days later it arrives on the doorstep! Therefore my mission was to find a gift he didn’t think he needed but actually once he had it, it would be something he could never be without.

I found the perfect gift – Mini Masterpiece Cufflinks

I spent countless hours on the computer searching for inspiration, when all along it was staring me in the face. Once again it was the fabulous Keepsake Company to the rescue! I had finally found the perfect present.

What was it I hear you cry! Well, it was a pair of Mini Masterpiece Cufflinks. I got Doodle to draw a picture of herself to go on one & then a picture of Daddy to go on the other…I passed the artwork to the wonderfully talented Victoria & she did the rest!

When I got “the call” to say they were ready Doodle & I hopped excitedly in the car & made the short journey to collect the cufflinks. We were totally blown away by how incredible they look, I thought I might even shed a tear, I just knew they would be perfect.

And they were, my husband adores them, he was proudly showing them to all our guests over Christmas (one of whom has already placed an order to solve a similar problem!) & he has already worn them to work. To him they are the present that money cannot buy, a part of his Doodle to take with him on his travels…a moment in time captured, to be treasured forever.

If you would like more ideas & inspiration on Jewellery for Men  Victoria has written a great article that you may wish to read  Рplease click HERE

With love, Ella x

Written by Ella Smyth, The Keepsakes Company’s biggest fan!



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