The Keepsake Company – Research Update

Hello there, hope you are all good & feeling perky despite these dark, cold January mornings 🙂

The Keepsake Company News!

Ok, so a quick update on what has now become a frenzy of excitement here in The Keepsake Company office. Victoria’s secret meetings with very important looking people & countless conference calls continue and The Keepsake Company is in the middle of a whirl of changes & improvements. We are working on the elements we do best & trying to better ourselves, we are looking at the things we could do with improving & making them fabulous, amazing new “things” are being added & tired “bits & bobs” are being replaced,  not  a stone is going unturned in this sensational new project.

Ooooo I am sooooo excited to be a part of all this & I don’t even know all the details yet but one thing I can tell you is this is seriously HOT! To make sure you hear everything first all you have to do is keep following us on our blog as we will be announcing details for a new sign up club very soon which will grant all you wonderful people priority access to the very latest information & amazing offers we will have available.

Of course, I will also be updating you here so you can all share in the excitement with us! Chat again soon…bye for now,

Pippa x

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