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The Keepsake Co would love to introduce you to another of our new trainees. This is Becky’s heartwarming story of  how starting your own keepsakes business will make sure she finds “time for me”.

Fingerprint Jewellery NecklaceMy Story

What a year I’ve had, the hardest, most fun, emotional and brilliant year of my life. Our lovely little boy turned one this week, so much has changed and my life now seems barely recognisable from how it was just 13 months ago – in a good way!

Dexter turning one has been a real opportunity for me to step back and look at how far we have come, but also realise the importance of making sure that I take positive steps on the journey forward, not just for him and our family, but for me too.

About me 🙂

The “me” before a baby had lie-ins, breakfast in bed, slept without worrying if the person in the next room was still breathing, went shopping, washed my hair regularly. The “me” 9 months ago was surviving on next to no sleep, was desperately trying to master breastfeeding, eating my meals in 30 seconds flat and struggling to cope. But there was light at the end of the tunnel, and anyone with a tiny baby now, rest assured it does get better. Before you know it your baby will mostly be sleeping through, will be more independent and you WILL have your evenings back, but I still seem to have no time for ME. The things I took for granted, like time to read a book, or enjoy a hot cup of tea, let alone indulge in a hobby, just don’t seem to happen anymore.

 But what I have realised is that in more recent months I have been wasting precious time, and not making the most of every opportunity.  The most important thing in the world for me is being a great mummy and loving my family. After 9 months maternity leave and 3 months back at work, I realised I was not being the best I could be because I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t good to myself and my self-esteem was disappearing. What people don’t tell you is that it’s not just the physical changes that are hard to deal with; it’s the fact that you are not the priority anymore, and not just to other people, I’m not the priority for myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but “I” was dropping so far down my own list of priorities I wasn’t being the best mummy I could be.

What I have learnt…

The biggest thing I have learnt is the value of time, and I put a very high value on it now! Time that I have at my day job is time for me to socialise with adults and keep the grey matter working; time I have at home with Dexter is really time to treasure so we can play and laugh and love each other, time with my husband is when I feel revived and can laugh, talk, cry and be ready to do it all again tomorrow. These three things are so important and if you think about time as a currency I think they are a great way to spend it…. But then I started to think about all the “low value time” I’ve been wasting and what could be a better way of using it. How much time had I wasted watching rubbish soaps on TV, checking my Facebook, being just generally lazy. It felt like I had no time, but I realised I do have time and I’m just spending it in the wrong places!

I am far from perfect and I still seem to get it wrong and catch myself being lazy or running out of energy, but at least I’m aware of it now and I think that’s the first step. I’m trying to be more organised so that I’m not spending my days with D doing housework, and I’m not thinking about home when I’m at work, it’s not easy but it’s a long journey to perfection!

What next…

Looking forward and imagining how I want my life to be, I’m now “spending” some of my time in launching my own business making beautiful fingerprint jewellery and keepsakes. Something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the motivation to do it. I guess having less time for me, has made me really value the time I do have and now want to spend it on something that hopefully will buy me more happiness, a sense of self-worth and not to mention a little bit of extra money to enjoy with my beautiful and precious family.

If Becky’s fabulous story has inspired you and you would like to find out more about starting your own keepsake business or about any of the other amazing training packages available through The keepsake Co then please get in touch HERE or call us on 0845 2573081 and take your first steps on a brand new journey.

We wish Becky every success for the future.

With love from The Keepsake Co. xx

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