Starting Your Own Keepsake Business – Louise’s Story

We are proud to be able to share with you this beautiful account of how another fabulous mummy was inspired to start her own Keepsake business, following her training with Victoria at The Keepsake Co. A huge thank you to Louise for sharing her story with us.


“On 22nd of Dec 2009 my life was completely changed by the arrival of my beautiful baby boy. Having studied Business & Marketing for 6 years at Uni achieving an Honours Degree and Masters Degree I had always felt that this was my greatest achievement….until now!
Sitting there holding this tiny little person in my arms I wondered how anything other than him would ever matter to me again. He was now without doubt the best and most important thing in my life. So that’s why like the majority of new mothers, I really struggled with the thoughts of going back to work after only 6 months with my little man. I had searched everywhere for a good nursery/childminder to look after him and eventually (and reluctantly) booked him into a nursery near my house and headed off back to my job as an Account Manager at a Design Agency.
I had always loved my job so I knew that once I got back into it I’d be fine…..so I thought! Reality was that I really didn’t like being away from him and always hated having to let my clients/co-workers down every time I had to rush out of the office because he’d thrown up everywhere and I had to take him home. So I cut my work down to a 4 day week to try make work-life balance better but it still wasn’t enough. My little boy wasn’t being looked after properly at the nursery either and as all us mums know they aren’t cheap and he was being neglected quite a bit at the nursery so I very luckily found a childminder who could look after him in her home and came highly recommended by my friends but she could only have him 2 days a week! Dilemma, what do I do? Work was so so stressful combined with doing the daily drop offs and pick ups while rushing home to do bath then bed and I hated having such little time with my gorgeous boy. I felt useless at every aspect of my life and something needed to change. Luckily I had a really supportive husband who said just stop working and become a stay at home Mum so initially that’s exactly what I did. It was tough decision but as soon as I’d made it I felt a huge sense of relief. We decided to keep my fantastic childminder 2 days a week so I could get some part time work and luckily my Agency decided to ask me to work on freelance basis on those 2 days doing more of a supportive role so life was good!
Then came the arrival of my 2nd little bundle of joy on 24th August 2011 another gorgeous little boy and life and priorities changed yet again! After my 9 months maternity leave I decided that I wanted to do something for myself that meant I could work around the boys and I have always loved keepsakes and treasure all the little bits and pieces I had done of my boys so I thought why not try do that myself and pass on that joy to other new Mums and Dads. After much research I got in contact with Victoria at the Keepsake Co who was instantly completely understanding (being a new Mum herself at this stage) and really informative and helpful and 2 weeks later I was off to visit her for my training! Victoria was so professional and had taken a lot of the stress of start up away by organising the purchase of my kits for me which was fab! We spent a full day training covering all aspects of the fingerprint jewellery, ceramics and clay impressions. And again 2 weeks later I had my business name, website and samples all sorted and I was ready to go! My first customers were friends and they were great support to me as they helped drum up business for me in those early days. I also signed up to our local Children and baby markets where i had a stall once a month and found these to be really successful at spreading the business name and gaining new customers.
Now a full year on the business is thriving! I’ve even been invited to attend an in store event at a prestigious childrens clothing store to display my products and take orders which I am so thrilled about and shows that now the business is selling itself without me having to push it as much. It’s been a tough year though as my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer shortly after I started business but Precious Pinkies really gave me something else to focus on while she was fighting to get better (and thankfully she did) and despite the initial high start up costs and constant hard work I’m really happy with how things are going. I love my job and get to spend my time with other lovely Mums and their beautiful babes while at the same time being there for my boys. Not many people can say that they genuinely love what they do and are blissfully happy so I really feel very very lucky.”

What a fantastic story & huge congratulations on your success Louise, all your hard work really has paid off 🙂

If Louise’s story has inspired you and you would like to find out more about starting your own keepsake business or about any the exciting training packages The Keepsake Company has to offer then please do get in touch with us here at THE KEEPSAKE CO and we will do everything we can to answer all the questions you may have 🙂

We look forward to chatting to you soon,

With love from, Victoria, Sam & Pippa @ The Keepsake Co xxx

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