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It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to a wonderful lady called Kim, who has recently decided to start her own Keepsake business! We hope you enjoy Kim’s powerful & inspiring story and if this makes you as excited as Kim or you would just like to know a bit more about starting your own Keepsake Business and how The Keepsake Co can help, then please do contact us as we would love to hear from you 🙂

kimI live in Edenbridge, Kent.  I am divorced and have 2 sons, 28 and 26 years old.  My youngest son is disabled and now lives in a care home, but spends a lot of time with me at home.

I have had several different jobs, mainly secretarial, but am currently working nights caring for children with disabilities.  I have never really felt happy in any of my jobs and have always had the feeling that I would like to work for myself as I get continually frustrated with the never ending politics and frustrations which come with working for someone else, particularly a large organisation.

For many years I have been looking at franchises, but have always been put off by the high initial and ongoing costs and the restrictions that belonging to a franchise bring.  I heard about fingerprint jewellery and was trying to find out more about it when just by chance I read a recommendation about The Keepsake Co. on a forum.  I looked at Victoria’s website and immediately felt excited and realised that this could be exactly what I have been looking for.  I read loads of information and watched Victoria’s videos on the website and filled in the initial enquiry form.  Sam phoned me the next day and we had a lovely chat and I felt even more reassured that this was for me.  She explained that the Mastermind package probably fitted in best with what I was hoping to do. Later in the week Victoria phoned me and I made the final decision to go ahead.

What I like about this whole idea is that I am not on my own.  Victoria, Sam, Pippa and the other ladies in my Mastermind group are all there to help me and I am enjoying the communication we all have with each other via Facebook.  Victoria helps with every step of starting a business and there is always help, encouragement or just a bit of a confidence boost available.  There are regular ‘meetings’, information webinars and if we want to, we can go for training with Victoria which will give us an opportunity to meet each others, share ideas, support each other and have social fun time also.

I was very excited when I got my starter kit.  When I unpacked it there were some things that I didn’t even know what they were!  I then had access to the training videos which are very easy to follow and very quickly things start to make sense and fall into place.

I have had a go at making a couple of silver fingerprint pieces.  They are not perfect to be honest, but I can see, by looking at the videos again, where I can improve.  As my son pointed out, it was my first go and if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it themselves! 

After much discussion with family in friends and lying in bed staring at the ceiling, I have finally decided on my business name (Prints and Pieces) and secured my domain name.  I am now working on my logo.  Exciting!

We wish Kim every success with her new Keepsake business and we promise to keep you updated on how she is progressing 🙂

If you would like to know more then please contact us HERE or call us for a chat on 01749 838755

With love from, Victoria, Sam & Pippa xxx


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