Solo-preneur doesn’t have to mean lonely-preneur

Working for yourself can be really rewarding. As a solo-preneur, you get to pick your hours, rates of pay, where you work and who you work with – it gives you ultimate control of YOUR business.

solo-preners can get lonelyHowever, working for yourself can also be a lonely experience. You spend so much time on your own, sometimes with your children in the next room or just the family dog or cat for company. Solo working can easily lead to your dedication and motivation slipping and, if you’re not careful, your mindset and happiness taking a nosedive too.

But being a solo-preneur doesn’t have to equate to also being lonely. Follow these three simple tips to ensure you’re supported AND reaping the benefits of being part of a bigger team.

1. Get a support network in place

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is – NO ONE needs to be doing it alone. Get a network of supportive people in place, people you need to ensure you stay sane, healthy and productive.

If you’re in a position to outsource and hire in help, do so. Not only will this help your business to grow even faster, it will also ensure you’ve got the necessary help you need too. Look to outsource your bookkeeping, accounts and administration. If you can afford (and want) childcare and help with the housework, get help in there too.

A support network doesn’t have to cost you financially. It can be a simple case of ensuring you have regular contact with any of the following:

  • Existing friends and family
  • Mentors and/or coaches
  • Positive and motivated colleagues

Set up a regular sessions to connect with your support network. Whether that’s in person, online or via email, make sure you DO have regular contact and equal time both discussing business AND getting away from it!

2. Interact online

This leads onto this next tip – support doesn’t have to equate to ‘in person’. There’s some great support networks available to you online too. Look for:

  • Readymade, online support groups (such as Facebook or LinkedIn groups)
  • Networking groups
  • Online colleagues you can Skype or video conference with

Chaloemphan - FreeDigitalPhotos.netGet out and about

Finally, don’t forget the basic ‘get out there and meet them’ groups! Whether you opt for traditional networking events or informal coffee mornings with your girlfriends, there’s an added bonus to getting out and about… it gets you OUT AND ABOUT!

Sometimes as solo-preneurs, we get so engrossed in our work, we forget there’s a world out there for us to enjoy. Taking time out of your office environment can reap massive rewards, in terms of your motivation, dedication AND personal health!

Do you know what support networks you have (or would like) in place? What can you do this week, to get supported and make it happen?

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