Silver jewellery making courses

silver jewellery making courses - fingerprint jewelleryI actually started takingĀ silver jewellery making courses about 12 years ago. I started by learning the traditional way of working with silver. Then about 10 years ago I found Silver Clay. IT BLEW MY MIND! I went from heating and annealing silver to form bangles to being able to shape it with my hands like clay and then firing it into fine silver. I had already started the keepsake company so the natural first silver jewellery to market was Fingerprint Jewellery and it was incredibly popular from the start.

Following on from fingerprint jewellery came Artwork Jewellery which allowed us to capture little one’s first drawings into fine silver and hand-print jewellery which miniaturized tiny handprints onto fine silver jewellery.

Our silver jewellery making courses

We now train people in our silver jewellery making courses which are either online OR in-person. We can show you have to craft fine silver jewellery out of special silver clay and then teach you how to market it in your own jewellery business.

We take you right from the beginning and many of our students say to us that they have no creativity BUT love the idea of making jewellery. We have never had anyone attend one of our silver jewellery making courses and not be able to make the jewellery to a wonderful standard.

You can apply all the techniques we teach on our courses to many niches, designs and create something totally bespoke to you. Selling personalised silver jewellery is incredibly profitable and insanely rewarding.

Online silver jewellery making courses

Our online silver jewellery making courses take you step by step in video format showing you how to create the shapes, how to personalise the jewellery, how to fire the jewellery and how to polish the jewellery. You can also ask in our support group for advice which backs up our training.

For more information on our silver jewellery making courses please email helpdesk@thekeepsakeco.co.uk or phone us on 01749 344699




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