Silver fingerprint jewellery – a unique personalised gift

Silver fingerprint jewellery – a unique personalised gift

Personalised gifts are growing in popularity this Christmas – and it’s easy to see why. Personalised gifts show that time and care have gone into a creating a unique gift that will stand the test of time.

Nothing is more individual than our fingerprint, and personalised silver fingerprint jewellery is the perfect way to capture your loved one’s unique physical characteristic.

Fingerprints are truly special – even identical twins have different patterns – and they last unchanged through a person’s lifetime. 

Our fingerprints, as well as the patterns on our palms and feet, form by the 5th month of pregnancy. Part of the reason that identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints is that their pattern and shape is determined by the conditions in the womb, bone growth, pressures and contact with amniotic fluid. Amazing isn’t it?

All our fingerprints are variations of three basic patterns – the loop, whorl and arch which make up 60-65 percent, 30-35 percent and 5 percent of all fingerprints respectively. Identical twins tend to follow the same basic pattern, as that is determined by genetics. Have you ever looked at your fingerprints and your children’s?  How similar are they?  

silver fingerprint jewellery prints

Here at the keepsake company our artists love creating such special individual gifts. Personalised silver fingerprint jewellery continues to be hugely popular at Christmas and through the year, along with hand and footprint designs, as well as 3D castings and raised impressions.  Thanks to Gem from Lasting Touch for the fantastic fingerprints featured above.

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