Pottery Prints Training Course

£32.40 inc. Vat

A versatile range which allows you to add affordable keepsakes to your keepsake business. Products start from as little as £5 so acts as a great hook for your customers.  This range does not require a kiln as the products are fired in your home oven.  You do not need to be creative as we show you how to create this stunning range step by step. You can select to do your training online via our online learning portal.


This ‘package’ includes online training on pottery prints which do not require a kiln. The online training includes:

  • Introduction
  • The range
  • Taking the prints on the pottery
  • Pottery prints materials
  • Taking prints at shows
  • Pottery kit instructions
  • Success tips from other business owners


Additional information

Type of training

Online Self Study Course, Business Start Up Package