Lortone Jewellery Tumbler – Capacity 1.3kg/3lb – 230V (sold by Creative Glass)

£131.66 inc. Vat

Product Specifications
• Quiet, sturdy, and simple to operate
• Durable rubber barrel is 11cm in diameter and 12cm long
• Barrel is easy to open and close and seals tightly
• Continuous duty 230 volt AC motor is capable of running 24 hours per day for years
• Includes Lortone 3A rotary tumbler operating instruction booklet
Achieve professional polishing results with this high-quality Lortone tumbler. Lortone is known for their quiet, durable, quality tumblers. The 3A holds up to 1.3 Kg. The Lortone 3A rock tumbler features a patented rubber barrel with quick-seal cover and a powerful continuous-duty electric motor.
The tight-sealing rubber barrel not only produces beautifully polished pieces but provides extra sound absorption for quieter operation. It’s capable of running 24 hours per day for years.