Bespoke Keepsake VIP Day

£594.00 inc. Vat

Are you looking for 1-2-1 tuition to get you up to speed on a particular area of keepsakes, perhaps you are up and running but are miffed as to why you do not have the sales coming in yet or you would like to master some additional techniques to compliment what you already have while troubleshooting a few troublesome areas. We really can dictate the day around you and your needs so let us know what you need and we can map out the perfect VIP training day for you.


This training is a 1-2-1 VIP day where we will go through any aspects of ANY keepsake which you are struggling with. We can cover many techniques and disciplines in the one day as we will be focused entirely on you. This is also ideal if you wish to cover 2-3 courses in the one day. We can also focus on the business side, production schedules and basically anything you are struggling with around your getting your keepsake business off of the ground and flying high.

This day is held in Somerset and a typical day is 9.30-2.30pm but can be extended or around different times depending on the date and your needs. For instance if you would like to get the train down then we can accommodate the train times for you. As it is 1-2-1 I can also pick you up from the Castle Cary station if this is required.


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Online Self Study Course, Business Start Up Package (Fingerprint), Business Start Up Package (Fingerprint & Artwork)