Personalised First Father’s Day Gifts

Personalised First Father’s Day Gifts: Is it your partner’s First Father’s Day this year?

If so this milestone falls on June 17th. Becoming a father is a life changing experience. Seeing how attentive and loving your partner is towards your baby is like him in a whole new light. Does the father to your child make a huge effort to be involved and present in their child’s life? Maybe he has taken to Fatherhood so naturally, it’s hard to believe that only a short while ago there were only two of you! If you’re looking for a Personalised First Father’s Day Gifts then we have a selection of gorgeous keepsakes to suit all tastes to celebrate Daddy’s special day.

Personalised First Father’s Day Gifts


How lovely would it be to get him something other than a shirt or pair of socks, especially as it’s his first father’s Day? It would be great to buy him something to show your appreciation for all that he does for his family.

If your partner loves to wear jewellery then maybe this beautiful, Fine Silver (99% Pure Silver) Handprint Dog-Tag could be the perfect Father’s Day Gift, imprinted with his child’s handprint for him to cherish.

https://www.truelovekeepsakes.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/True-Love-Keepsakes-Cufflinks-300x300.pngDoes your partner work hard, maybe spending long hours away from home to support his family financially? Then why not treat him to these stunning set of Pure Silver Cufflinks? Have your child’s handprints captured onto these cufflinks and add their name and/or date of birth to make it extra special. A gift like this means he will always have a part of his child close to him when he’s away from home.


Celebrate the bond between Father and Child

Daddy’s First Father’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a gorgeous keepsake for both Daddy and Baby to enjoy, to treasure and look back on in years to come. If you’re planning on going somewhere this Father’s Day, perhaps out for a special meal or visiting friends or family, then this fabulous personalised, First Father’s Day Baby Grow could be perfect. It comes with a cute, fluffy teddy dressed in a “Happy Father’s Day 2018” white top.

One of the lovely things to witness is the bond between father and child. Do you marvel at some of the photos you have that capture the true essence of the bond your partner has with their son or Daughter? This gorgeous Wooden Photo Frame, comes printed with the words ‘Father, Daughter’. Your child’s name and your partners name can be added to the frame to make it more meaningful.

How about capturing a print of your child’s handprint and displaying it in a lovely frame together with a precious photo? The frame comes printed with the message ‘Daddy’s 1st Father’s Day’ and ‘Fathers hold their children’s hands for a little while but their hearts forever’. A perfect way of capturing how small your child’s handprint was on Daddy’s First Father’s Day. A frame such as this can be displayed in the home and admired by all who see it.


Maybe you’re looking for a gift to suit a Dad who likes to do DIY or perhaps is in the building trade. This beautifully gift boxed, solid wood and steel household hammer could be the perfect gift. A special message can be engraved onto the handle at no extra cost to make for a stunning, hand-crafted gift for Father’s Day.


Perhaps you know of a new Dad who would love to have a gorgeous Polished, Stainless Steel Wallet Card engraved with his child’s tiny handprints or footprints. A special message can be added and this gift will surely make Daddy burst with pride.



How about getting an amazing print featuring Mummy, Daddy and baby’s handprints as your personalised first father’s day gift? This beautiful Framed Family Print  can be personalised with a special message and names. There are different designs and colours to choose from. A gift any Dad would be proud to display in the home.

You may also like to visit one of our keepsake artists for 3D Castings and Raised Impressions in your local area.


Whatever you decided to get Daddy on his First Father’s Day, make it a memorable one x

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  1. I love all the gifts on here.Such wonderful ways to show how much Daddy is appreciated this Father’s day.

  2. It’s amazing to see the bond between father & child grow – all these gifts would be perfect for first Father’s Day.

  3. Theres some great ideas here! Such lovely ways to remember my husbands first Father’s Day. I now just need to decide which one to choose! x

  4. A fantastic selection of personalised Father’s Day gifts.
    I can relate to ‘daddy working away all week’ so I would definitely consider buying a piece of jewellery with the children’s hand prints on for him to keep
    Close to his heart.

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