Pawternity pet keepsakes


I was reading in the news this week about a Scottish Brewing Company called Brewdog who were offering their employees a week’s paid leave to look after newly adopted puppies or dogs from rescue centres. We already have maternity and paternity leave of course but this was known as pawternity! Fabulous! It goes to enforce just how important people’s pets are to them. They become part of the family very quickly and are loved dearly. I know when I had my springer spaniel she was well and truly one of the lead figures in the house. If your life was anything like mine, you cater for the children, cater for the dog then sort yourself out with anything left!

Pet keepsakespawternity pet keepsakes

Here at The Keepsake Company we are seeing requests for paw prints, hoof prints and nose prints increase almost on a daily basis. Baby fingerprint jewellery was the just beginning, keepsake memories for pets is a huge market. This is great news because we all love our “fur babies” and what better way to keep them close or keep their (and your) memories alive than having a beautiful piece of jewellery or casting to celebrate all the love they give us.

Father’s Day Gifts

I think pet keepsakes make a super gift for everyone and with Father’s Day just round the corner what a unique present for all ages of Dads. We all get stumped with what to buy for our own dads, let alone ideas for what our children can get Dad on Father’s Day. This can solve all your problems – or just treat yourself.

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