Nurture yourself to nurture your creativity

When it comes to nurturing your creativity, we immediately think of what creative-type activities we can do. Why? Because we’ve often heard that, in order to nurture your creativity you have to do something creative to inspire it! But sometimes, the best thing your creativity needs is you… so how about nurturing yourself to maximise your creativity?

Why nurturing yourself is so important

nurture your creativityNo matter what creative activity you participate in, you want to
a) enjoy it and
b) be good at it.
If you’re stressed and tired, you won’t be able to do either. You’ll be restless, unable to settle into the flow and worse – you’ll try forcing your creativity – leaving you frustrated, blocked and generally annoyed with yourself.

You want to nurture your creativity so that it can flow and for this to happen, you need to be relaxed and comfortable – both in your surroundings and in your own skin.

How to nurture yourself

When you want to nurture your creativity, we sometimes think we have to actually DO something creative, like painting or journaling. However, just surrounding yourself with music or art can be even more nurturing for us, as there’s no judgement involved. We can stimulate our senses with the beauty and creativity around us, without having to take part in the creation of it ourselves.

Look to nature to nurture us

Nature has a great ability to help us feel nurtured and supported. It can help you ground yourself, whilst also stimulating your senses. You can connect even more with nature, by walking barefoot in the grass or even leaning against the nearest tree trunk, closing your eyes and just experience feeling totally supported.

As is often said, getting outside can clear our mind and unknot the jumble of thoughts, rejuvenate us, even when we’re tired and deflated – and it can truly blow away those cobwebs.

Sometimes you just need to stop

However, there comes a time when we just need to stop. Stop TRYING so hard to be creative, stop FORCING ourselves to continue working when we have nothing left to give and stop being SO busy!

Giving yourself a TOTAL timeout can mean everything, from getting a decent night sleep right up to having a week’s holiday away. The important thing to remember is that ANY timeout – whether it’s five minutes of five days – is sometimes exactly what you need. Go read that book you wanted to start ages ago, curl up in a comfy chair and cover yourself with a beautiful furry blanket or just light a candle and just BE.

Walking away is often the perfect way to nurture yourself and your creativity and, if holidays are anything to go by – it’s also the best way to kick-start your inspiration too!

Why not take a look at how you can nurture yourself and nurture your creativity this week?

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