KeepsakeTV – Episode 3: The perfect Keepsake to capture a large group celebration

If you prefer reading, here’s this episode transcript for you:

A big event coming up and you want to find a way to capture it that’s not going to cost you. I’ve got an idea 🙂 So here is my fingerprint canvas that I did for my little one’s first birthday. Very, very sad, big confession. I haven’t actually finished it because life’s too busy and I did it a year ago. Basically, I painted a canvas, just a normal canvas with a acrylic paint. And then I took some acrylic paint and some paint brushes all in different colors and got people to paint on and take their little fingerprints. Then, I asked them to draw themselves. So not only but we’ve got a lovely little caricature of them and a little signature. And I love it, I love looking at it. It take me back to the day, I can picture everybody taking that fingerprints and everyone saying what a great idea it was. I love it. Obviously, you can get a massive canvas if you got a massive gathering. You can even do a little scenery and I’d love to see it. If you decide to take this idea and use it for your event, please do come and share a picture of it on our Facebook group, The Keepsake Company. I’d love to see it ‘coz I really think it’s a beautiful thing to have. So that’s today’s KeepsakeTV. Thanks for watching! So if you like that video, please do come and like us on Facebook, join our mailings and keep in touch basically. And if you pop up to the website,  TheKeepsakeCo.co.uk, not only can you browse our wonderful products from our local businesses that are local to you, you could also download a FREE Hand Print Certificate and Keepsake pack worth £50. Really forward to seeing you over there. Please keep in touch and thanks for watching!

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