KeepsakeTV – Episode 2: How to make the biggest contribution to our kids

If you prefer reading, here’s this episode transcript for you:

“You selfish woman! Spending time on yourself of neglecting the wants of your children and your family? Shame on you!”
Well, that’s how I feel anyway and I know I’m not alone. A
nd I just listened to a Jim Rohn audio which I’m going to share with you. I’m going to keep it really, really quick and easy because it’s quite a though to get your head around.

The biggest contribution to kids (&our family in general) that we can make is to look after ourselves and to not sacrifice ourselves.

Because there’s 3 reasons: number 1, if you can continue to sacrifice yourself and put other people first, you will burn out. You are your best asset and if you burn out, then your kids don’t have a Mum, your husband doesn’t have a wife and if you’re running a business, you don’t have someone at the top leading it. You’re helping your children grow up with a really positive attitude that you have to look after yourself, you have to develop yourself and if we bring up our children with our outlook that they’re watching their parents doing fantastic things and out there learning new things, pushing themselves, I’m really happy that’s the main thing here if the kids are watching their parents be really happy and living a fulfilled life, then that will encourage them to go off living a fulfilled life too. And that is what for all of us, to get the most out of life. If he’s brought up just watching me slave away, fill all this resentment and sacrifice, then that’s not helping him develop as someone that goes out looking for more. And 3rd one is if we continue to sacrifice ourselves for people, we end up feeling a really big resentment towards them and that resentment is just going to grow and grow. So it’s really important that we don’t allow ourselves to go through our life building this massive pit of resentment that’s just going to come and explode and make us incredibly happy when it’s all too late — when we’ve lost the chance. So that is what I’ve taken away from his audio and I really wanted to share with it with you today on this episode because it’s a really important message and I think if we can take anything away, it’s that active of healthy selfishness, it’s learning to look after ourselves and put ourselves first a bit of a time so we remain the strongest person that we can be to then be strong for our family. So I’d love to hear from you over on www.facebook.com/TheKeepsakeCompany or come and visit www.TheKeepsakeCo.co.uk and come a leave a comment on the blog and come and chat with me over there. I’d love to hear what you think of this video. So, thanks for watching!

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