Keepsake TV – Episode 1: How to make any old furniture look AMAZING :-)

This blog has been transcribed for those who prefer reading: Heya! Like my cabinet? Guess how much it cost me? 50 quid and I am going to tell you how: Basically, when I brought this cabinet home, my husband was like “That isn’t staying in our house because it’s disgusting”.

But I was like “Give me just a few days and I will show you.” because I’ve been told about this painter Annie Sloan! And you see, I love the idea of painting, but everything that goes before is a nightmare! The sanding, the prepping, the priming I mean, that’s not very cute. Then someone tell me about this Annie Sloan paint and you literally slap it on. There’s no prep, there’s no sanding and it just adheres to the paintings on there before.

I thought “Why not?” So I was going through this local furniture shop that sort of does clearances. It’s all really, really cheap stuff and then there was this cabinet, a big mahogany cabinet for 50 quid . So it was there before I bought it. Now you can see why my husband was a little bit like, “Have you lost the plot?” But I am glad I persevere because he thinks like it’s selling it on E-bay now and do it as a little bit of a hobby. So quietly a step back. So all you do, is you get your piece of furniture, you get a piece of furniture at home that you don’t want anymore, that looks just rubbish, that doesn’t fit in anymore, then just grab a can of Annie Sloan paint.It’s not cheap, it’s about 20 quid ┬ábut it goes quite a long way and you do two (2) coats. So you do one (1) coat and slap it on, try and avoid all the drips and things and don’t go over the painting more than once because it goes a little bit wobbly, but you’ll find that out and you just send it back if it does anyway. So one coat, leave 24 hours, next day slap on another coat and what I love about it because it’s meant to be rustic so this is perfect for me because it’s doesn’t have to be precise so just slap it on! So then, what you would want to do is on the third (3rd) day, you just get some wax and wax it so it gets a little bit darker, and then you can decide to distress it. Now this is where I am at the moment. I’ve done a little bit of distressing around the edges and I don’t know what to do now.

So some of the furniture you may have seen is really distressed. Others, not so much. So I would love your feedback on why do you think I should take it right back, should I sand all around the doors and make it all really distress or should I leave it as it is and the other dilemma I’m having (So I’m bit indecisive, am I not?) So I got them as you can see there, different in the middle. But the feedback I’m getting is that I should have them all the same and I would love to know what you think is well just help me make a decision. So If you got a piece of furniture at home and you’re not sure what to do with it, you want to bin it, you want a whole new house full of furniture but you just don’t have the money to do it, then go grab yourself some Annie Sloan paint and slap it on. So the colors that I used here were French Linen, all the background I just mix some white because it’s quite a dark color, and I just did it in its natural form on the top so you got about two (2) tones so I quite like that. That really is all there is to it. Slap it on, two (2) coats, varnish it, distress it with some sanding paper (if you want to). But I’d love to hear about the projects that you are going to do and what you think and some feedback on what I should do with mine. The thing I will say is that I decided to unscrew my hinges, I wouldn’t recommend that, it was a nightmare and that is what took all the time.

So yeah, I look forward to hearing from you and hearing all about your Annie Sloan Projects. So if you like that video, please do come and like us on Facebook, join our mailings and keep in touch basically. And if you pop off to the website: thekeepsakeco.co.uk, not only can you browse all our wonderful products, shop from our beautiful businesses that are local to you, you can also download a free handprint certificate and a keepsake pack worth 50 pounds. So, really looking forward seeing you over there, please do keep in touch and thanks for watching!

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