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Never work with animals or children…..Our Anna Robertson is brave enough to work with both after starting her own home business in keepsakes. ARK was born alongside Anna’s salaried job whilst also looking after her young family. Anna joined us at Create Your Way to Success and her dream business was launched! We love the name ARK (Anna Robertson Keepsakes) and how it ties in with both animals and keepsakes. We are delighted that Anna shares with us here what is particularly special about her home business. You can find out more about ARK here.

Starting a keepsake business

Anna tells us “Finding something that drives us is tricky, be it a job or a hobby or even a lifestyle…. I fell rather quickly into Veterinary Nursing and worked my way up from the age of 16. I loved helping animals and owners. Animals have always and will always be my life line. Life rapidly changed with two children and I found myself wanting to adapt so I could spend more time with them, whilst still working with animals – and they say never work with animals or children! ARK was born, with the plan to offer a lasting, treasured memory. Many keepsake businesses focus on baby keepsakes, a way to preserve something, a fingerprint or footprint. ARK offers a twist on that – why not a paw or a nose print maybe even a horse hoof print?

Creating something special in silver or a casting lets us hold onto a memory and cherish our loves….whatever they are. Using a special paper kit, hand, feet or paw prints can be taken, ready for the magic to happen behind the scenes where they are turned into little stamps, all perfect for silver clay and eventually transformed in to that lovely charm or necklace. Completely unique. Often the
easiest way to get a good animal print is to simply wipe the paws and let the pet do the rest by walking ov
Home business in keepsakes
ARK Jewellery
er the paper. They are always happy to walk over something that they think belongs to you!
Another option I use for capturing the prints uses a special two part moulding compound. Safe and
easy to use it is a quick way of copying the intricate details a print has.
Home business in keepsakes
A doggy nose! Created by ARK.
And it’s not just about paws – what about a nose?? I am able to use this moulding compound in such a way as to make a perfect replica of your doggy’s nose! Owners are over the moon at having this
really unusual and completely unique gift. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or a “just-because day” – it’s an ideal present.
My favourite part of the job is getting to see people’s reactions to the casts or prints. The finished  pieces are treasured and so personal. I love being part of the experience and being able to make something that will be loved.
Keepsake gifts can be perfect for anybody of any age who loves their pet. With Mother’s Day coming up and Father’s Day next, the pet keepsakes are a perfect, truly unique and exceptional gift. ARK offers something personal something to keep forever and help make memories. Come and have a look at what I can offer at ARK.”
Keepsake business working from home
Here at Create we are always helping home businesses find ways to be more creative. If you would like information on how to start your dream your own home business in keepsakes, contact us here for more information.

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