Keepsake Business Q&A

I had a great email from a lovely lady interested in starting her own Keepsake Business and thought I would share my responses to her valid questions in case it helps others.

With each keepsake kit, how long would that be expected to last/ how many products would it make? and once it has all been used would I just continue buying the kit from you? Also do we choose whats in it? For eg, if I were to do pottery painting, do you supply a certain amount of cups and plates or can I order more cups if that’s whats selling?

Each Keepsake Business Starter kit is designed to help you make some samples and to get your few few sales in. The only exception is the jewellery as the silver is very expensive we only include 50grms per kit as we would hate for the start up price to be prohibitive to those on a budget. Saying that 50grms of silver is enough to make between 5-10 fingerprint charms depending on the size. All the other kits include materials for your first few sales. You can then use those sales to invest in more materials if  needed. For example the 3D casting kit includes 10 bags of Alginate so that is enough to potentially make 20 castings. You can get about 20 impressions out of each clay kit. With the pottery painting we can alter the contents if you required.

After your starter kit has run out and you need to restock you can do this direct with our supplier or find alternative suppliers if you preferred.

Which keepsakes can be done by the customer and then sent to me to finish and which needs to be done with me actually present?

 The fingerprint jewellery, artwork jewellery and handprint jewellery can all be done remotely. The pottery prints can also be done remotely in a few different ways. I have actually done the impressions and castings remotely too so if this is what you preferred then there is a way. Saying that most people prefer to pay for the experience of seeing an expert. You could look at doing your own range of keepsake kits (casting, impressions etc) which we can help you put together and can even help you sell them through our store.

Do I have to stick to your price points or do I make my own?

No you can charge what ever you feel is right for your area. You are setting up your own business and NOT a keepsake franchise so you make the rules! I would say though to focus on the value and quality you are providing and never compete on price as it leads to a very stressful business and not one I would recommend for any of our keepsake business trainees.

Can I sell/advertise anywhere for eg Ebay, Facebook groups?

 It is your business so you can advertise wherever you like and feel is right for your business.

Do I actually advertise under the Keepsake name or do I only use it as a “trained by…” tagline with a separate company name? 

 No you would not trade under The Keepsake Co. but you would train under your own brand name. You could of course use the tagline ‘trained by’ in your marketing to give you instant creditability and could say you are part of The Keepsake Association.

Also, what would you say are your most profitable keepsakes and do I need to purchase any equipment? Using pottery as an example again, I have seen that been done and doesn’t it need to go into some kind of kiln to glaze? 

Yes with the pottery, raised impressions and 3D castings you do not need any equipment just a few inexpensive tools. The only range you need a kiln for is the ceramic impressions. I would say the best sellers would be the fingerprint jewellery or the pottery but the most profitable would probably be the raised impressions. I have a profit calculator if you would like access where you can plug in sales and see the sort of profit you could expect to make.

With the in person training, are those days still only in Somerset as your website says? and with the online training are the vids easy to follow for someone that’s never done anything creative like this before and are they savable to be able to return to if needed?

 Yes at the moment the training is in Somerset but we are looking at additional venues. The online training is VERY easy and is step by step to guide you through the process. Most people who attend the course have never had any experience and I have not had one give up yet. You could always start with that and then book an in-person day if you were struggling with anything and needed some additional tuition.
Hope this helped 🙂

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