Keepsake Business Opportunities

Keepsake Business Opportunities

mmsnakechainIt is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Kerry, who has recently joined the Pilot Keepsake Launch Package, just one of the many business opportunities offered by The Keepsake Co. This is Kerry’s very inspirational story of her journey so far.

Kerry’s Story

So here it is, my very first blog. I’ll start with a bit about myself.  My name is Kerry I am mommy to two gorgeous babes, Sadie, 5, and Layla, 2.  I am recently separated, very recent, just 2 months ago and so as I begin my adventure as a single mom I want to embrace this new chapter of my life totally with a whole new me.  
I have been considering my future, financially, spiritually and emotionally for the last 12 months.  Having been a stay at home mom since Sadie was born, something I wouldn’t change for the world, I was starting to realise that I needed to consider my options for the future, work wise.  I’ve never had a career as such, was never that way inclined.  I spent my entire 20’s travelling around the world spending as much time dancing through the night and lying in hammocks on idyllic beaches during the day.  I loved my life but at 30 started to feel my brain needed a work out and so returned to England to study acupuncture in London.  Three years in the big smoke was enough for me and I found myself in Dublin .  I loved my time there but a year later I took on my biggest challenge and returned to the West Midlands to be around my family and the nieces and nephews that were arriving into the world. I say biggest challenge as it was a far cry from the exciting places I had spent the previous fourteen years.   I wouldn’t say it was the best move ever and I couldn’t get my acupuncture to work for me but the end result of that decision is two beautiful children of which my whole world now rotates around.
So up to present day, now on my own its time to get real.  I want to support my girls as  best I can but I also want a job that gives me the freedom to be able to put them first,  I want to be able to attend special assemblies and lunches, sports days  and allow my girls the opportunity to do  extra curriculum activities. If  one is sick I want to be able to take care of them and don’t want to endure the massive headache that goes with the school holidays and random school closures that working moms have to face.  Also I quite simply want to be my own boss, make my own decisions, control my own working week and be the master of my own destiny.  I want to be proud of what I do and I want my girls to be proud of me.
I love jewellery and have always wanted to work with silver but not being a particularly creative type, well that’s what I used to think before becoming a mom and school projects, I always felt it was a bit out my reach but learning about fine silver has enabled me to realise that it is possible.  I am so excited about the decision I have made to be part of the Pilot Keepsake launch package but I have to admit I also feel slightly terrified. There is so much to think about and my head is whirring at the moment.  I have total faith in myself to learn the craft but the business side is pretty scary.  There is so much I need to learn and I’m a complete novice with social media and I know how important that is.  Anyhow my box of goodies has arrived, it was exciting opening it up and can’t  wait to get started.  At the moment I am mainly concentrating on a logo design and business name and once the school easter break is over and bedtimes become more normal I will have a lot more time to get my head around it all.  What a roller coaster!
So there it is, an introduction to me.  I look forward to a bright , happy and productive future and getting to know some cool, like-minded moms. xx
If reading Kerry’s story has inspired you and you would like to find our more about courses avaialable at The Keepsake Co then please get in touch with us HERE. We will always offer you the best advice and help possible.
We look forward to catching up with Kerry again soon to find out how this amazing new chapter in her life is progressing. We wish you every success Kerry 🙂
With love from,  Victoria, Sam & Pippa @ The Keepsake Co xxx

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