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Magpie Memories

Here at Magpie Memories we create beautiful keepsakes using your loved ones hand, foot, finger or even paw prints. As parents we all want to hold onto our babies for ever and if we could make time slow down or stand still to capture those gorgeous smiles, giggles, chubby legs, perfect hands and tiny toes to name a few, we would! Unfortunately, it’s just not possible, but here at Magpie Memories we are able to capture those perfect hands, feet and fingerprints in pure fine silver for you to keep next to your heart and treasure forever.

As the mummy of a fur baby, we understand that pets are as much part of the family as everyone else, so what better way than to have their paw, hoof or even nose print forever captured in silver? Or why not have them cast in stone as a raised impression or a 3D Casting?

Capturing those precious prints is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your time. We’ll send you the impression kit or inkless wipe kit, with easy to follow instructions, and then you return it to us. The amazingly intricate and beautiful process then begins of creating your keepsake piece.

We also offer 3D castings which is such a wonderful way of capturing those precious hands and feet and preserving those moments in time to last a lifetime. The process itself is very safe for new born babies and even pets. Casting only takes a few minutes and creates an incredibly intricate mould of your baby. We then create the stone cast and finish it in the style you desire.

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