Inspire your creativity

You need creativity to run your business – whether you’re a mother with a creative-based hobby or a solopreneur who hopes to nurture creativitygrow and expand her creative business. However, running any creative business can be extremely wearing on both your energy and your creativity – but you still need both, in order to successfully run your business! Topping up your energy can be as simple as having a decent night’s sleep or taking regular breaks… but how can you easily boost and inspire your creativity?

Focusing on the obvious

Most people focus on keeping their energy levels high, to ensure their business stays strong. They know all about eating healthy and adding exercise into their busy schedule. Another area they will focus on is their goals and aspirations – working out what they want, why they want to achieve it and in what timescale they hope it will happen.

However, if you’re running a creative business, the need to inspire your creativity is just as, if not more, important to your overall business success.

To inspire your creativity, have a regular date with it

Creativity needs to be nurtured. It wants your undivided attention and some regular time spent on it – so have a creativity date! Book a regular slot into your diary for just you and your creativity.

inspire your creativityWhat inspires your creativity? Do you like going to the theatre or art gallery and staring at beautiful works of art? Maybe you prefer walking around beautiful gardens and stately homes, taking in the glorious colours and scents? How about curling up with a good book, movie or a notepad and pen and letting your emotions out? Perhaps you like listening to opera or Mozart to connect to your passions? Whatever gives your creativity a boost, this is what you do on these dates.

This date only has one rule

There’s only one rule – these dates are just for you and your creativity. Remember, your creativity will be totally loyal to you, if you pay it regular attention. So set yourself a weekly timeslot for your creativity date and promise not to bring anyone else with you.

Your creativity will flourish as a result. So set aside at least one hour a week to really nurture your creativity and, if you have more time to spare, that’s even better. After all, when was the last time you allowed yourself to do something that will ignite your creativity?

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