The Keepsake Co. came to life about 14 years ago by it’s founder Victoria Casebourne (check out her blog here)  and has flourished ever since as the first keepsake business in the UK. Victoria spent months trying to source the materials to make some keepsakes and drew a blank in the UK so ended up having to import some kits over from the US. An idea was formed and quickly turned into a wonderful business which has grown from strength to strength with new keepsakes ideas being added along the way.

The Keepsake Co. is now a completely different business than it was when it was started and now it’s primary focus is supporting people across the world to start and build their perfect keepsake business so they can help parents in their local area create perfect keepsakes which they will cherish forever. We also love connecting parents to our artists safe in the knowledge that they are being handed over to wonderful ladies who genuinely care about their work and the keepsakes they create. What a lovely world we live in 🙂

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