How we discovered our daughter had a Nut Allergy

A couple of  weeks ago I wrote a blog about an experience we had while travelling with our daughter who has a Nut Allergy. I received quite a few comments asking how we discovered her Nut Allergy so I thought I would share this story with you. Its quite a long post so I will split it in two….

How we discovered our daughter had a Nut Allergy

This is part one
It had been a lazy Saturday morning in the Smyth household, as opposed to the usual frantic pace of a weekday & we were all quietly enjoying family life. A friend had told me how much her daughter enjoyed pasta with pesto sauce so, knowing how much Doodled LOVED pasta I thought I would jazz up her pasta bows a bit today, as a little treat! As it turned out this treat went terribly wrong. After just one one mouthful of pasta, Doodle was trying to spit all the bits back out again…I gave her a drink of water as I thought she just didnt like the different texture in her mouth. But this was infact the start of our daughter suffering a severe allergic reaction to nuts! Her lips began to swell and around the outside of her mouth became red and blotchy in just a matter of seconds. I grabbed a bottle of antihistamine that I had in the cupboard left over from Chicken Pox earlier in the year. I gave her a dose and waited, it did nothing! The redness and hives began to spread at an alarming rate, Doodle was scratching at herself and becoming increasingly distressed. We called NHS Direct. I know, I know… and I can hear you all screaming, “why didnt you dial 999…?” Well I guess it was because we didnt want to bother them, make a fuss – we wanted to get advice first.

NHS Direct asked me what seemed like hundred of irrelevant questions and all the time I was watching Doodle being totally consumed by her allergic reation – I interrupted the guy on the phone and told him I had to go, I was taking my daughter to hospital. (In fairness to NHS Direct they rang back immediately and the nurse told us to drive to the hospital NOW and go quickly, if things took a turn for the worst on the way we should dial 999 from our mobile & they would find us). It was the most frightening journey ever, I was wishing with all my heart that I had just served her pasta with the tomato and basil sauce she always had, praying that Doodle would be OK and shouting at the slow Saturday afternoon drivers to get the hell out of our way!

To be continued….

Part 2 will follow on Friday.

With love, Ella xx

Written by Ella Smyth for The Keepsake Co.



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