How we discovered our daughter had a Nut Allergy

How we discovered our daughter had a Nut Allergy

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Part Two

We screached to a hault outside of the hospital and I bundled Doodle up into my arms and ran into the A&E Department. I was greeted by a wonderful lady who rapidly took our details, whilst pageing a nurse & ushering others out of our way! We were rushed though to the resusitation dept (which made me freak even more) & Doodle was given steriods to try and stop the reaction. After what seemed like forever, they started to work….the redness and hives started to calm down and thankfully they did not have to give her adrenalin. This was a last resort & would only have been used if she had lost consciousness or her breathing had been affected. The Drs were fantastic, not only with Doodle but also with me – needless to say I felt like the worse mother EVER! I also realised that I knew nothing at all about this horrendous type of allergy, I was completely ingnorant to it. The Drs explained that Doodle had a nut allergy, and had suffered an allergic reaction. The pesto sauce we had used contained cashew nuts. It is quite common in some of the less expensive brands for pine nuts to be replaced by cashews, because they are cheaper.

Later that evening we were discharged, Doodle was buzzing like a bee after the steriods, but it was a joy to see! I spent the rest of the evening beating myself up for being such an idiot! But now, a few years on, after many self battles and upon much reflection, I try to see it as a positive. That may seem like the craziest thing to say but she was at home and mummy was there, not on an aeroplane, in the middle of the countryside or worse still a school trip hundreds of milrse away. At least now we know…and we can be prepared for it. (You may also like to read our post of Travelling with a Nut Allergy, click HERE to do so.)

Doodle is very aware of her nut allergy and is extremely grown up about it…if a food isnt familiar to her or she doesnt know what it may contain, she asks or we read the label first!

And my advice to anyone who may experience something like this in the future… don’t wait, just call 999, immediately.

With love, Ella xx

Written by Ella Smyth for The Keepsake Co.

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