A pre-Christmas treat for us Mums (Save your place!)

  • Do you have items of clothing that hang unworn in your wardrobe?
  • Do you lack confidence when it comes to buying clothes?
  • Perhaps you have a good idea of what suits you but would like to be 100% certain you are getting it right?
  • Do you struggle to find clothes that are right for your body shape?

If you said yes to any of the above then I’d love you to join me for a FREE live webinar. Wouldn’t it be great to have a wardrobe full of clothes you actually wear, knowing that everything in your closet was the perfect style for you? I’m certain you’d love to wave goodbye to fruitless shopping trips that yield nothing but sore feet, empty bags and a bad temper. And every one of Becky’s clients, like you, is eager to stop wasting money on items of clothing that never get worn. So sign up for this free live webinar here Date: Tuesday 3rd December Time: 8.00pm UK Sign Up Here The majority of women are NOT making the most of their wardrobes. They have a pile of separate’s, none of which go together, they have items of clothing that never get worn, and skirts, trousers, dresses and tops gathering dust because they haven’t seen the light of day for so long! If this sounds like you then Becky would love to show you how you can look and feel confident in everything you wear, as well as saving yourself precious time and money – that will leave you loving your wardrobe and feeling happy and excited about your clothes and shopping. During this 60 minute session Becky will be sharing:

  • The 7 steps for getting styled for confidence and success
  • The one thing that will guarantee to save you a shed full of money and have you looking and feeling fab
  • The two things you can implement immediately that will make you look pounds slimmer!

If you’re fed up with your clothes, and always feel as if you’ve got nothing to wear, then Becky is going to help you change that so you feel excited about your wardrobe and how you present yourself What Becky teaches is practical, straight forward, and easy to put into place. You will SEE the difference, and it makes getting dressed and deciding what to wear fun – join me and let me show you how!

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