How much profit can I make selling Keepsakes?

Selling Keepsakes for Profit

I often get asked how much people can make selling keepsakes services in their local area. It really does come down to the individual, the area and the time they can devote to building the business and marketing. To help give my fingerprint jewellery course trainees an idea though I developed a profit calculator where you simply input example sales levels of the different ranges and it will show you how much profit you would make a month based on those sales. If you would like a copy please email helpdesk@thekeepsakeco.co.uk

Keepsake business profit

So for fingerprint/artwork jewellery you would sell for £50-65 and the cost would be £20-£30

For the castings you would retail between £85-£150 and would cost you £12-35

For the impression you would retail between £65-85 and would cost you £6-30

For the pottery a mug would cost you about £1.50-3 and you would sell between £10-£15.

These are all very rough calculations but should help you work out the level of sales you need in order to make a profit. If you would like our free profit calculator please do just let us know 🙂


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