How images can help your business grow

We live in a visual world. Whether you’re flicking through a magazine, watching TV or streaming a video to your mobile device, we love images. When it comes to growing a business, they make your job so much easier – as they say, an image can paint a thousand words. So how can you use them successfully in your business… especially if your business is creative based?

Your products

images to grow your businessWhen it comes to collating images for your business, the most obvious images you’ll want are those of your finished products. Whether you create silver fingerprint jewellery or castings of baby feet and hands, photographs of your finished products will really make selling much easier for you.

People love to see what they’re getting – and putting photographs of your products onto your website will fit that bill. However, photographs of finished items is usually where most creative business grind to a halt – as they don’t know what other image-based options they have available to them!

Use visual based social media platforms

Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for creative and visual based businesses. Pinterest enables you to create boards for each of your different types of product – so you could have one for silver jewellery, another board for paintings etc. You can then add a description and link back to your website into the description, before sharing the board with others.

Instagram is a photograph and video sharing platform that enables you to share snippets of your life with your followers. It’s fun, quirky and allows you to give your followers a view of your life you lead, through a series of images. There’s also some great filters you can use to bring your photos to life. You could take snapshots of your office, your creative process and progress through a project and images of things that inspire you.

Adding images to your blog posts

You can easily add a couple of relevant images to your blog posts, to brighten them up. Another option is you could also use them to create clickable, sharable and Pinterest-pin-able quotes etc.

Add reality to your Testimonials

Another great way to use images in your business is to add a profile image to those people who provided your testimonials and reviews. This helps to build your likeability, as well as establishing that your reviewers are real!

Adding images to your business is a great way to increase readers to your site, as well as giving them something interesting to share – especially when you understand that image-based post and status updates, on both Facebook and Twitter, are a sure-fire way to increase your interaction and get more people sharing your content!

So why not take time out this week, to see how you can add images to your business platforms – and add that extra creative element AND get more people talking and sharing.

Images © milkmanx & SSilver – Dollar Photo Club

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