Here’s one I prepared earlier…

I was having a bit of a clear out over the weekend and found an old diary. I spent hours of precious time reading entries (time that should really have been spent doing other things far less exciting than this) it was heaven! In particular I found this entry & thought it would be a good one to share with you…hope you like it!

It is exactly 72 days since Christmas Day! I know this because we have been counting down “sleeps”  ever since Santa made his late night dash! Today is Doodle’s 5th birthday!
I am not entirely sure where this sudden passion for her birthday has erupted from (it wasn’t here last year) but one thing I do know, it certainly is this!! Friends have said with their little ones it has all been about the presents, however I’m not convinced on that, after all Doodle has asked for “a picnic basket with lids, just like Red Riding Hood”! Does the dream of such a basket really account for the lost hours of peaceful slumber…?! Does this basket really warrant such a frenzy of utter excitement…?
Excitment, that’s it, I understand! Its not about the basket at all, its about pure, total, childhood excitement! This is her day, her special day with cake & candles, balloons, party guests & games, everything a little girl dreams about.
Its been a wonderful day….and the real icing on the cake, it snowed! The perfect end to a birthday…snowmen building in the garden!
Once safely snuggled up in bed (Doodle not me!) and ready to dream, I dared to ask if she had enjoyed her day, the answer, “it was perfect mummy and can you believe, it actually, really snowed”.
I wonder how many sleepless-sleeps there are until my birthday….?!
With love Ella xx
Ella Smyth mum to Doodle, friend to Victoria & big fan of The Keepsake Co

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