Friday fanfare

Friday fanfare

Each week we have a Friday Fanfare in our Facebook group.

There’s always a range of achievements and successes to celebrate but this was a particularly special set of comments, highlighting just how fabulous it is to run your own business from home and how well it can fit in with school holidays.

“An amazing week spent at home with my little girl! Lots of fun had and memories made ? xxxx

Venue sorted for my new classes which include use for first 4 for free 🙂
Also for news yesterday that had passed an interview in my children’s services job. I wouldn’t have even gone for it if I hadn’t been in this group and have been reading all the books on the book list!
Mixed feelings as only half my friends and colleges got it.
Also another local lady doing a similar job to me who I contacted and asked to meet for a coffee had agreed! ?

Actually this week has been one of my best ever, in terms of reaching my goal of flexible working. After 3 years in business I am reaping the benefit of all the learning I have done about Internet marketing and I now have the systems in place to make sure I have orders coming in with little work on my part, meaning that I have been able to enjoy time with the kids, have some me time and still get all my orders made.
It definitely helps that the kids are another year older and need less supervision. Yesterday they both had friends over to play and I got loads done while they kept themselves happy.

A visit to the jewellers (to get wedding rings! Eeeek) resulted in a possible link in with a big retailer. Don’t want to get too excited at this point but we got talking about work and they are really keen for me to take some stuff in next week – which they will present to head office!
There was no intention to join up with them as it was purely a visit for personal means, but took advantage of the opportunity. Watch this space…. X

Managed an impromptu few days staying with friends – something that wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t working for myself (& lucky enough my other job is term time). Generally grateful to be spending my time with my children whilst they are on holiday & not have the worries I see friends having with childcare. x

Not as exciting as other but had my first internet sale X

I have had a fairly quiet week working around my little boys appointments but I did manage to complete my first set of earrings and I cast a whole foot successfully! I also did two raised impressions of my dogs paw to go into the display frame for the dog groomers I have connected with! Also 4 likes off of 400 on my Facebook page and then I will run a competition! Phewwww think that’s it, all small things but hopefully add to the bigger picture! X

I have a lady interested in a 3D casting party with her NCT friends! Fingers crossed (and lots more practice needed – I’m not freaking out…)

Enjoying time with my little ones in this gorgeous weather and dreaming big for the future ? x

Had A Great relaxing holiday (relaxing as it could be with a 20month old) did not think about work to much and now raring to go …just need the kids to go back to school lol. Been invited to an opening event in the new pottery shop I’m starting up in for their launch day tomorrow, the owner wants me to come along and show my wares ? Xx

Not only was all of this fantastic news shared, but many of the other lovely members of our group liked and commented on each of these posts, showing a huge amount of support for each other.

The members of the group are all at different stages of their business, each running them in their own way, but all with a common wish to succeed and to support others to do the same.

Run your own business

If you’d like to be part of this really special group and take advantage of this amazing knowledge and support to run your own business please get in touch.

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