Free Personalised Baby Hand And Foot Print Gifts

Get your own free Baby Hand and Foot Print Gifts by simply joining our free Keepsake Club. You will receive exclusive offers helping you capture your baby hand and footprint gifts while saving money.

Have a look below for examples of what baby hand and foot print gifts you will get when you sign-up for our virtual Keepsake Club. They’re all in a variety of colours and designs and all free for you to print out whenever you want.

They will make a perfect gift for family and friends – and speaking of friends. If you have any who also have tiny ones and would like to make personalised gifts, send this page over to them so that they too can join and get their own personalised baby hand and foot print gifts. It’s a true joy for everyone, so no matter what’s the season right now, share the joy and it WILL come back to you (it’s karma, baby!).

Join for free here to get your own downloadable Baby Hand and Foot Print Gifts.

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