Free Hand and Footprint Christmas Baby Keepsakes

Free Hand and Footprint Christmas Baby Keepsakes

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. We have created some really lovely downloadable Christmas Baby Keepsakes for you to print (scroll down to see them!) and they are completely free!

If you simply sign up below, we will email you a VIP access link to our Christmas download vault. There is also an incredibly popular letter from Santa which you can print off and leave with your Mince Pies to make it all even more perfect on Christmas morning.

Because it’s all about creating that perfect moment and making your little ones (& yourself) happy. Christmas memories are usually one of the strongest ones when we look back and it’ll be the same for your kids. So to make sure this Christmas morning is truly special, we hope you will be able to take advantage of our Christmas Baby Keepsakes.

We hope you enjoy creating magical memories during this special time. Please sign-up below to get your magical Christmas Baby Keepsakes download.

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Christmas Baby Keepsakes

Here is what you will receive… and feel free to download as many as you like!

christmas baby keepsakes -designs 2 christmas baby keepsakes - designs 3 christmas baby keepsakes - designs 1

And a few close up…

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