First Day at School

So with our little ones back to school after the summer break I thought it would be the perfect time to write about the first day at school. Whilst Doodle is now just embarking on her third year at school it seems but a few moments ago it was day one and I still remember it so very vividly.

I remember her last Summer term at nursery and thinking, gosh it is still ages until she starts big school – we have the whole of the Summer together yet! But boy how those weeks flew past! In what seemed like no time whatsoever I am stood ironing name tags (the sewing ones my mum used to use take way too long!) into her beautiful new school uniform. I remember texting my friend, after reading the information pack from school about 50 times to make sure I got it all correct – I text asking if we really did need to name everything – underwear & socks included….? It was a first time mum first day at school type question!! 🙂

And so after a blissful summer break the big day had arrived, I was sooooo nervous but I did everything I could to make sure Doodle didn’t get even the slightest hint of my nerves – I think we owe it to our children to support them not inflict our own emotions upon their tiny shoulders! Doodle was very excited & looked so grown up ! We took loads of pictures and in every single one she was beaming that huge infectious smile of hers – whilst blinking back the tears I beamed back at her – so hugely full of love & admiration for my beautiful little girlie.

When it was time to go she insisted on carrying her own bags (oh how things have changed since!) and so laidened with a school bag, a book bag & her pe kit bag she clambered into the car.

The journey was a quite one – a very rare thing indeed & not sure it has happened again since!

At school, we parked up & made our way in through the gates – with every step Doodle’s grip on my hand got tighter & tighter, my heart beating faster & faster!

After settling her into her classroom, I kissed her and wished her a happy day – I turned and walked, don’t look Ella, don’t look back, I muttered to myself.

Once back at home I broke my heart – but not tears of saddness, not at all, these were tears full off pride…I was so proud of my little girl, of everything she had achieved so far and of everything I knew she was going to go on to do. It seemed like this was the first step for her on to the ladder of real life & as much as I wanted to hold her close forever I knew this little butterfly was growing wings & needed space to try them out.

Doodle had a fabulous first day at school & has had many more since 🙂

To all you mums out there waving goodbye to your little one on their first day at school – I send a big hug 🙂

With love,

Ella xxx

Written for The Keepsake Co by Ella Smyth

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