Fingerprint Jewellery Training

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I have been training people to not only make fingerprint jewellery but to start a profitable business doing it. There is a massive distinction there as you can be the best more talented jewellery designer IN THE WORLD but if you can not market your products or build your business how will anyone know?

I love training people to set up keepsake business so much that I have decided to restructure The Keepsake Co. to allow me to do more of this and to support my trainees even further with running their business. This is why you will have notices some pretty big changes over at The Keepsake Co.. We have opened up our marketplace to other talented fingerprint jewellery artists so customers can shop from a variety of sellers all with the one checkout.

I thought I would share with you what two recent trainees thought of their fingerprint jewellery training. These were two wonderful ladies and loved spending the day with them so the feeling is completely mutual 🙂

Fingerprint Jewellery Training Testimonials

So do you think you could create Fingeprint Jewellery for a profit in your local area? Or perhaps another keepsake captures your attention? Please do request more information on starting your own keepsake business here

Until next time 🙂

Written by Victoria Casebourne, Founder of The Keepsake Co, 11yr, and loving mum of Oliver, 1yr

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